yellow plum pie


hello peeps

Here it is, my blog, sigh deep sigh small hic up .  Sooo hows the economic down turn treetin ya? Nothing a little pie can’t fix. In fact I will be going out into the deep snow to pick up a bag of chopped pecans at the local gas mini mart.  Then I will proceed to make a rockin yellow plum pecan pie.  Holly cow it’s so good I made one last week and we scarfed it up in no time flat.  With that I’m going to get my snow boots on and hit the road in search of a bag of pecans .


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  1. hello starla. let me know how that pie comes out. Most say the economy is crap. There are those who think it is what you attach your thoughts to. If I listen to what is going on I get depressed and sink into the couch. Therefore have been trying to see the positive. Do you see anything positive in the economy?

  2. Dear rolling

    Positive thinking is a wonderful virtue. To see what is ,what is likely and what is certain what could be what will be and what is you almost need a chrystal ball . To have your wits about you is important these days as things are changing so fast . To be able to roll with what is happening to not panic and to be able to be creative and to think out of the box is important and could even be life saving. The resistance to change is what can cause great pain, but I think as we come together knowing that there is a need for great change and having Hope that Life can be better and good can come out of difficult times .It’s hard to say how it will all play out ,as for pie making pie helps me keep things in perspective. Time to start cooking ,thanks for blogging rollingriver.

  3. Being positive when you are broke in an “economic downturn” is difficult. Especially when your company shuts down for a month and says you may not have a job when they start up again.
    I am trying to count my blessings. Family has been helping financially and emotionally. Therefore I am grateful. It still is hard to keep a positive attitude.

  4. hey, any chance you’d be willing to post that rockin’ plum pie recipe?? i moved into a place with a wonderful yellow plum tree that gives the sweetest, juiciest fruit, and i’ve been looking for a good recipe.

    with gratitude!

    p.s. i, too, am fighting bad feelings about how hard it is to find a good job and the awful interview slump i’ve been in. i’ve found random moments of joy from picking and eating the yummy plums and blackberries picked from my yard and neighborhood. in my prior busy career life, picking fruit in our neighborhood let alone finding and trying cool recipes is something i never would have made time for. that’s one bright spot amidst an otherwise difficult time! :O)

  5. Thanks for posting this recipe. Lucas (4 yrs old) picked yellow plums from the plum tree in his yard. I have been struggling with what to do with these plums. It seems I have now found my answer. Thanks, Beth

    • Hi Beth and Lucas, Hope you enjoy the pie what a fun thing to do with the plums that you guys have picked. Pie is a nice way to enjoy Summer fruit and Summer days. Just the thought of you guys making a pie inspires me to make pie.:+)

  6. You should be a writer. You made your experience sound like a fairytale. I almost forgot why I am irritated! I wish I liked to cook or bake. It seems so wholesome.

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