Happiness Video.
Happiness is catching wow what a concept . Just when I think the world is going straight to Hell in a Hand Basket , Wait ,what is that ,Hope your kidding me.  Recently I have seen shinning glimmering moments of Hope like gently falling snowflakes with rainbow colors in the full Moon light . Ah that’s a moment I crave maybe a cross country ski trip is in order on a warm winter night 20’s or 30’s with a Giant Cosmo moon hanging just right in the sky . Ah sorry I just got a little distracted and went down my own little road .Please forgive I guess the idea of happiness conjures up ideas. Ideas are good , recently I started a bucket list you know like the Movie. Well it’s harder than I thought it would be I came up with 2 things and gave up. I will work on this maybe as a New Years resolution or not.lol not sure of the commitment to change that a New Years resolution could bring or heavens the guilt from not accomplishing my goals. Well it didn’t take long blogging to show you some of my Hopes Fears and nuroticisms is that a world ? Back to the idea of happiness I  will think upon the video today and be amazed at truly the idea of Hope.


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  1. Thanks for the video. It is inspirational. Lets spread happiness and not get caught up in the state of our world economy. Perhaps look at the present situation in the light of all of human history. Think it is good to look for glimmers of hope. Even if it is simply the fact that you are able to breath.

  2. Happiness. I’m not in a good mood right now so that’s a toughy. lol. That’s kind of funny. Okay. Happy there is music? Happy I’m not a homeless person? Happy I’m not In a mental hospital? Definitely Happy there is without a doubt a God. And a Jesus. That does actually make me feel better just by typing it. But I feel happy, disapointed, angry, sad, and as excited as a child on Christmas Eve. I am happy of who I am, happy things may turn out better than I imagined. First I think one must ask what causes themselves to reach happiness. And why. If those reasons are superficial, then is happiness really reached? I don’t know. It makes sense to me.

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