Fear and Excitment


Fear and excitement sums up my thoughts on the future. Someone once told me when your really afraid that you can focus on the idea of excitement instead of the idea of fear. The two emotions are actually similar . Ive tried this a few times with some success.The other day at the dentist actually went well, if you ask any one that knows me the idea of being excited about the dentist is a stretch. I woke up this am with worry . The news of swarms of earthquakes in Yellowstone park , where a super volcano lies sleeping.hmmm As you can gather I’m more on the Fear side today than the excitement side but hey a lot can happen it’s still early.I have no real words of wisdom going into the new year. Fasten your seat belt .No too negative. mmm another year richer hard to say I’ll adopt the wait and see attitude hope for the best prepare fore the worst. Maybe I will be more jubilant tomorrow.


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  1. I see your point… I guess sometimes you have to get through the fearfulness to get to the excitement. Lately though, I do not fear much at all. A natural disaster would only make me feel better at this point. It almost seems due. I don’t think you sounded negative at all. You should drop the prepare for the worst! 🙂 I believe the best is yet to come. I feel it. I just have to keep the faith no matter what.

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