Ah another shot at a n New Year, what could 09 bring? Last year  my bubbling optimism had me going around saying 2008 ‘s going to be great, little did I know. I guess it was a mixed bag great and GRREAT.  oh well This year ,a wait and see attitude seems to be in order. Being in the moment now watching the itty bitty snow flakes fall the cat hanging out in front of the electric fake stove . Focus on what  one can be grateful for takes the sting out of expectations for the future and repetitive torments from the past. Whats left? Peace what a concept. Peace , Peace on  Earth wouldn’t that be great . A few weeks ago I found my self chatting to Santa on the Alaska Santa cam I asked Santa what he wanted for Christmas.He said he wanted World Peace how  ill end on that thought my wish for the future is some some way World Peace . I do believe in Miracles I always have ,the World could use a few.on that note Happy New Year Health Peace and Joy be yours .


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  1. I so know what you were saying. This has to be the year. It just has to. last year did not produce the results I wanted, I did not achieve what I wanted to. it Must be this one. You make such a perfect point. It is, to me, anyway, 100 times easier when reflecting, to be grateful for what I have been given. It actually makes me feel quite lucky. But seriously. This year must be better. In so many ways.

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