Watching the short video yesterday put me in a reflective mood. It’s so easy to get caught up in all the details of life giving the worries more attention than they deserve and not enough appreciation for all the wonder that we are so blessed to have. Perspective is always welcome. Perception change is possible at every corner and at ever bend in Life regardless of circumstance. Often I look for the layers in Life like a good Baklava it peels and peels a wondrous flaky crust . I Ask myself often this is what I see ,what is the deeper meaning and than I wonder what is behind that and behind that and the more I ask usually the more I learn . Life is truly Grand.


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  1. lol. i wish i could relate to the pastry reference. My father could though… he’s not the slimmest of men! i might e able to compare it to a nice glass of wine, or being held close by the one you love. it would be so much easier to realize the grandness of life by a simple thing as a kind of cake. Maybe i’m missing the big picture????

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