One person can make a difference


“Our Lives begin to end when we become Silent about important things.” Martin Luther King

To be brave in ones life to be willing to risk, to learn ,to make changes to face adversity to be willing to be ones best self.  So many ways a person can rise to their own occasion in Life.  Chalked full of opportunities  even in the simplest of forms.  I have realized lately that it is in all the details Big and Small that allow people to come together.  The many deeds often over looked ,the simple task that people do, the quiet stands that many take, are truly amazing it gives me great hope actually for our future.  One person can make a difference.  Its so easy to believe the opposite is true. Why try, why bother. it’s too late , it’s too screwed up, it’s too hard , I’m too tired the list really can go on forever but the truth is that with one step , just one step by one person can indeed change the course of History ,a persons Life, a new beginning .Hope in the great adventures of Mankind that maybe just maybe their is a reason to all this seeming chaos ,that behind the scenes things actually makes since in some way that there is an order to things. Pondering I fluctuate often from Hope to Hopelessness , to extreme excitement of the Future as well as trembling Fear .It’s  an interesting line to walk at this time , I am grateful to be Alive right Now in this time in History . I think that the times ahead will go down in History books people will read with awe and disbelief and aren’t we Lucky or Misfortunate. Time will only tell until than as  the future unravels slowly like a big ball of twine ,take one step today speak up ,act now.


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  1. One person Can absolutely make a difference. What if Ms. Rosa parks did not stand her ground. What if martin luther king never said ” i have a dream” that we shall not be judged by the color of our skin, but by the content of our character.” I’ve always said, if we were all turned inside out, who would know the difference? but more simply… ive often hoped that by being a nice person to those i come in contact with, that maybe i made a small difference in their day. Do not misunderstand me. I have not been the picture of a good deed doing lady always. Good God. Some of the things i have done…Live and Learn. and learn and learn and learn. But one thing is for sure. 1 person can make a world of difference.

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