Don’t Give Up


I remember a saying Don’t Give Up 5 minutes before the Miracle. This is a strange time indeed that We are living in. It’s so easy to see it as I when things are not going well to feel isolated and to take things personally. This is an interesting time because a lot of people are on the Titanic some will survive some will not . That’s a little dark so early in the am it is pitch black as I gaze outside the morning window,so different than blue sky steaming sun beams booming happy music. Life is Always changing that’s the good and the bad of it. And no matter how bad things look there is ALWAYS room for a Miracle. I have seen many miracles in my life and peoples circumstances turn on a dime for the good. So never never give up hope.. Even if you can’t figure out the details on how to make things better doesn’t mean there isn’t a way. Also a note about money. It’s only money. If its your money and you’ve just lost a boat load than that saying may not mean much to you, but when it’s all said and done and your on your death bed it’s not the great business deals you made or the stacks of cash you a crewed but the simple things in Life like who you Loved and who Loved you so keep your perspective and don’t Give up. Life is Always Changing This too shall eventually Pass. It will not be fun and I personally think we may All be in for one Hell of a time but the bottom line is We will survive and Life will go on in History our ancestors went Thur amazing ordeals and some how lived to tell the tales lets hope that we are made of half the metal that they were. On that note. Don’t Give Up.


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  1. I will not give up. Anymore…. I have given up more than once I will not lie. I have wished to fall asleep, and not again awake. This Time, I will not Give up. i have too much to do, family to reunite with, memories to be made, friends to see, questions to ask. At the very least I’ll just do what i always do and put it in the hands of God when i can think no more, and hope for the best. He hasn’t let me down so far. Still here!

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