Adult Game of Muisical Chairs


Getting laid  off is a bit like  an Adult game of musical chairs. Yesterday we officially went from recession Your neighbors out of work to Depression We are out of work. The shock and Awe of going from having work to not having work.  The job search is like looking for Easter eggs good luck and hey maybe you will find the Golden Egg.  It actually is a particularly unique time compared to most high unemployment times. Why? Well so many people will be and are right now out of work ,  something will have to give. Hopefully not high crime , high depression,  lots of people running amuck but more like guidance for unique schooling or training or starting your own business . When the competition is so high why compete for the average job that everyone else is applying for but, time to think outside the box to dig up resurrect old almost forgotten dreams . A recurring Hearts Desire I believe is put there because it’s your unique ability to contribute to the whole. It’s so easy to discount a dream to say I’m not talented enough it’s too hard I might need schooling and hey I never did really like school so much , or I don’t have the money for schooling .But Dreams can be persistent little buggers, haunting , pulling at the corner of a mothers dress for attention. Not to say you or I might not need to get a little no nothing job like working for the Census Folks, counting Peeps for cash but Now may just be the Perfect time to dust that Dream off and take a couple steps in that direction whats the worst that could happen fall  flat on your face and fail hey I’ve down that dozens of times it’s not as bad as you may think you just dust your self off and have at it again. And best case scenario You could Awaken an old almost forgotten dream you could soar high and be wildly successful it may not be overnight , but could happen. I actually think this may be as good as time as any to give it a go.Why not ? Sitting on the couch day after day watching Ellen  or Operah does get old after awhile not to metion eatting top romen as a main course .


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  1. I must be honest, I am not a big fan of working. Sounds terrible i know. Oh, sure Ive had jobs that i enjoyed, but for the most part just seemed like an interruption to my life. I can’t believe I am admitting this, but I’ve always felt destined for greater things, and the jobs i worked at, generally, seemed pointless. I have lacked the concentration, motivation, and self dicipline to complete any schooling…. I have lacked the creativity to think of an alternative. I’ve lacked the self confidence to try many things I could have tried. If I could go back, I would have gone to college, for sure. But I’d probably still be there, because i still don’t know what it is i want to do. lol

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