Quick Sweep the stray comas under the carpet,,,,


Ack company’s coming,well , maybe, I told a couple of good friends about the blog . I realise my last English class was let see 11th grade English and that was a long long time ago .  I just watched President Bush’s last press conference he seemed like a defensive lover after a break up. Explaining  why the break up isn’t a good idea and why he did what he did when he did it. It was interesting to watch another political chapter quietly  closes.  He seemed to be worried about what legacy he would be leaving a bit confessional. Back to dangling participles that seems easier to worry about than the old or new president what a big  job, I can’t even imagine what kind of stress that must entail . Bush was Apologizing for the mistakes he may or may not have made and I am apologising for my lack of English lessons , Quick learn what a dangling participle is and than find them, quick learn to punctuate, sigh friends are friends and hopefully will love you even when your participles dangle. Ah that takes the heat off and changes my to do list.  Let see To do Today , find high paying job and go to work ,that’s probably on Bush’s list today as well . Go back to bed and sleep an extra hour seems an easier start to the day .Eat Breakfast start small  that I can do. Watch Evolution to Dance II on Utube. Any way Welcome Friends to my Imperfect Blog Good Luck Bush in you new Life and Journey  I would imagine getting away from the presidential stress will  be good for him .  Hopefully  I will be Employed soon making  some rock en cash so I can buy   Bacon Bacon Bacon.


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  1. Not a big Bush fan. SR. or JR. Something fishy about those 2. But yes, I’m sure being president is quite stressful. I’ve always wondered how much they get paid? A few mill? No rent, or living expenses. Meanwhile trying to figure out a way to improve the national debt.

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