Exploring outside my comfort zone


I have spent a fair amount of time seeking the sweet spot of my comfort zone. As I get older the idea to fly into the storm not away from it is exhilarating. In my youth I found some of my favorite memories in the eyes of a storms. One was with my brother, we lived a block from the beach,outside the sky was black, it was brewing a fierce storm gusting violent winds . We grabbed giant umbrellas ,went down to the beach and jumped off huge sand ledges trying to hold tight to the umbrella handles literally flying down the beach like Mary Poppins it was one of those Again Again moments.It was hard to imagine that it was even possible to fly. Another memory was with a friend , in a torrential down pour  we decided to scale the back side of a cliff to get to a top high dollar Golf course.  Running as fast as we could, standing , sliding and coasting down the greens it was  like standing  on a giant slip and slide  running in the pouring rain ,hydro planning down the greens . Another Again Again moment . Soaking wet like droned rats. The wonderful Adventures of youth the idea of doing things in down pours or gusting  windy days only seems natural not the common since of age . It’s pouring rain you could heavens catch  a cold. I heard a women recently talk about her life and how she would seek out moments that were difficult challenging to be uncomfortable was good it was an opportunity to stretch to learn to grow.  I have found it to be my task to survive those moments not to seek them out. But after some consideration maybe the idea of seeking the sweet spot in my comfort zone may not be as ideal as I once thought but to on occasion seek  out the outside  sweet spot of my uncomfort Zone. Facing fears picking up the sword for an occasional duel even in the face of my own demise well maybe not that far. I am exploring the idea, cliff diving bungee jumping maybe not literally but figuratively. To stretch, to be willing to go outside the box, to consider the once impossible to say hay why not , it’s only life we are here to live it up, easy to say as I sit here on my couch recounting child hood stories what will I do when I am very old , blue haired recounting stories of the  now. What stories will I tell what Again ,again moments will stand out what will be my favorite moments will they be in the eye of a storm or sitting on my couch oozing in the glory of my comfort zone.


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  1. I don’t know what to say except. I am ready to step out of my comfort zone. Look fear in the eye. Admit my wrong doings. Seek answers for who what why where and HOW wrong doings have been done to me. I guess my comfort zone has been just me not saying what i know and what i feel. its so much easier to just ignore it, and pretend it is all coincidence, daydreams, and wishes inside of my head. I AM Rapture Ready when you are sir.

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