Taking Action hopeing to get unstuck


New day. new you. or ? What are my options stuck or unstuck . Its one of those days that I swing back and forth from frustration  to  What can I do to get un stuck? Action even small steps is usually the answer to feeling stuck and frustrated. I actually feel a little bit better knowing that  I can take a very small step and maybe feel a little bit less stuck. Not a good day to make the endless list, maybe a couple of doable tasks will free up my spirit. Very frustrated I’ve been in chronic sinus pain for almost a year now. Holy cow I can’t  believe mid February it will be everyday most of my waking moments I have been in pain . I just can’t  believe I would have a one year Anniversary  with  pain still not knowing how to fix it. Some times life really deals some unexpected dozys.  But I can still take baby steps forward to finding a solution going  to the Chiro today to rule out neck problems  I don’t think that’s the problem but my neck is out and 2 go back to the sinus guy and ask for more sinus stuff and 3 go back  to dentist to rule out possible tooth problem . Well look at that there’s  a  small doable list I feel like a million bucks ,almost , well maybe just a little bit better than utter collapsible frustration. I’ve blogged,  and made a small list, Next the day is picking up with possibilities . Action even just a tiny bit of action can help some times.


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  1. Have you tried the nose spray, Flounase? Ask your Dr. It works well for me. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Appreciate it! Hope you feel ” normal ” soon!

    • Thank you for stopping by . You are my first official guest , very cool and Thank You for the advise I will check it out . I am very ready to be pain free. Thanks again.

  2. Stuck. STuck STuck. I HATE that feeling. I guess I can kind of explain it like this. Don’t know whether I should reevaluate my thoughts, and come up with a different conclusion, OR accept what I know and move on. I think I’ll go with option #2. Looking back though, I guess I just had to deal with that weird stuck feeling. It’s hard to fight. Just think of it as a really long bridge.

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