Who am I .


The TV episode Seinfeld the one with George breaking outside his box. He’s sitting in the coffee shop with Jerry  (let see if I remember the details?) If your a fan of Seinfeld you will probably know what I’m talking about if not you’ll probably think what the Hell is she talking about. Please continue. So George decides instead of having his usual lunch he’s  going to shake up his life , and do exactly the opposite of what he usually does. He orders lunch,  instead of tuna he gets an egg sandwich . I think . He than See’s  an attractive woman sitting alone at the bachelor bar and decide what I would normally do is sit here and think shes out of my league and do nothing but he says Not today , Not today and marches up to her and says I’m  George and  I’m unemployed and I’m living with my parent’s (both of those are fine , I am right now unemployed and we could easily live with one of our parent hmm that’s a thought ). And she looks at him I can’t remember what she says but it goes well . It’s  a very funny episode I guess my point is… yes please get to the point . My point is it’s so easy to wake up and eat oatmeal with raisins because that’s what you do and to go where you go because that’s where you go, and to see who you see, and do what you do.  I think in a way we can be very boring creatures not always but I think it’s easy to stay in the comfort zone of who we are or who we think we are and what we think we should do, and be who  we think we  should be .Who would we be .Who are we really when you take all the fluff away , take away the bells and whistles ? Who are we when we are standing barefoot in the dirt looking around nothing to do . I don’t know, I’m just asking. How did I get from Seinfeld to here? This is what I woke up thinking Not who is George? Which is a funny question in itself and probably easier to answer than Who am I?


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  1. Some people never figure out who they are. It is great to have some understanding! Have fun blogging. Thanks for stopping by dorazsays!

  2. Seinfeld is a funny show. The episode sounds familiar, but I can’t recall it fully. But I followed you just fine and never asked myself “what the hell is she talking about.” You make more sense than 99 percent of people i’ve met. Trust me. I just hate the shoulda coulda woulda feeling. I should have had a breakfast burrito instead of oatmeal with raisins so many times. Now is when I thank God for making me smart enough to realize that.

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