confessions from Starla


Confessions from Starla , I feel more comfortable when I start my day with different colored socks not different shades of one color ,but different colors like 1 blue and 1 black or 1 red and 1 blue . Now I usually don’t go out of the house this way it’s just how I start sometimes, why I couldn’t tell you, but it’s a confession so I don’t think I need to know the whys of it. OK start small with the confessing and build . Here’s one that not many people know.  I bought a pair of really cool pants , kind of like what the graphic in the corner of my blog . Low rider’s, now here’s the confessing part. A joke of cool to myself I guess. One night eating dinner at a local restaurant , with the Love of my Life. I was  wearing my new low rider pants , I reached back because the low riders seem to be riding really low I’m not use to pants like these usually I wear my  pants where the waist is around my belly button. So I reach back to feel for the top of the pants and then I continue up and I realize,  Oh no ! I was wearing my White large granny panties ,the underwear was  about  6 inches from the top of the pants .Of course I almost fell off my chair , I confessed this right away to my sweetheart where he just laughed . I’m thankful that for some reason I decided to wear I very long shirt out that night. So a little joke to myself to remind myself  how cool I am in my cool low riders which incidentally I believe are no longer in fashion . I wear the granny panties , I just wear a  really long shirt. Makes me laugh and yeah probably when I bend over people occasionally may catch a glimpse of white not like the colored thong you would expect to see. I wonder what the next trend in fashion will be I’m ready , ready to buck the trend .


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  1. The only reason i laugh is because it was an inside joke with you and your honey. LOL. I like the low waisted pants, but I just cannot get into the whole skinny jeans thing. Super cute on other girls, but I feel weird wearing them. I like normal, wide, or bell bottomish jeans. I do loove jeans though. Thanks for jeans God!

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