Happy Blog Hopping


Everything gonna be alright.   Woke up in more Sinus pain than usual .Pain sucks no doubt about . If you have any kind of pain I sure am sorry. It’s not fun especially when you can’t figure out why or exactly what to do. Doctors can give up on you or shuffle you around like going to the sinus doctor he says go to the eye doctor the eye doctor says hmm i think you have an unresolved sinus issue hmm let me guess go back to the sinus doctor? oh man. It’s been a rough year.  A couple of days ago went back to the Sinus guy he gave me sinus stuff. Hope, you must keep hope , you have no choice but to carry on and figure it out .anyway I woke up hurting extra so I didn’t think I had anything to blogg about , so I decided to go Blog hopping I don’t know what you call it but checking out other peoples bloggs I’m  new to this ,that was an adventure in itself going over to there favorite peeps list or places they like to go ,What Fun ! Cheered me right up.  People are so amazing in all the ways that you could imagine and the creativity’s is astounding . WOW is all I can say delighted for sure silly  very!  One that stands out that you have  probably  have  seen  was Failblog.org . This is not the sparkling brilliant stuff but made me laugh in my weary time of need. I thought I failed a lot holy cow anyway if your bored or in pain no reading or not much just pictures lots of silly picture some days that’s about all your up for .  As I said I’m very new to Blogging . I’m going to the dentist tomorrow to rule out  a tooth problem Ive already had a cat scan thanks for asking .  Well  in  my own words Baklava. What? One of my posts was Baklava,  there always  seems to be something to learn regardless of circumstance, I’m sure this too is rich with learning and opportunity for a  perspective shift . I’ll get back to you on that one until than Happy Blog Hoping.


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