Animals are effected by job lay off’s too


Getting laid off from work is hard on the animals too.  My husband recently (11 days ago) was laid off . He used to get up at 4 -4:30 am. to go to work now he sleeps in sometimes 6 maybe 7 am . He’s also been suffering from a cold.  The cats are use to eating at 4 am like clock work. Animals time schedules are very important to them. The time change has been driving one cat nuts. Trying everything from sitting and staring at me on the night  stand to knocking the radio over crashing down oh good that will  wake  her up , until I say Go back to sleep. That didn’t work, but this morning I must admit was brilliant. At 4 am I wake up hearing a small growl from the dog she sleeps on the floor by my husband. She’s  growling  a very small growl ,like she’s having  a bad dog nightmare.  Then this is where I figure the cat rubbed up against the dog which brought a louder growl, in turn woke up the husband he shot out of bed like a work day, let the dog out and fed the cat’s  all at 4 am Brilliant well done. I’ll be interested to see if  the cat tries this   again tomorrow.  Cats are funny and so are dogs and they are so much smarter than they get credit for. I like to see how their minds work and how they problem solve. So I would say the details of our people lives effect our beloved animals as well. Getting laid off is hard on everyone.


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