Facing my Fears


You know your a red neck…..when you spell college collage.  Speaking of that, I took a field trip to the local community collage.  Husbands looking into training, a possible perk from being laid off. I went with him, while he went to talk to counselor, I went to the cafeteria for a bacon and English  egg muffin sandwich. It was interesting  sitting there looking around , watching my thoughts of how I felt about school in general.  It’s only been about a bazillion years since going to school. Well maybe not quite a bazillion. Feels like a life time ago.  But  now may be as  good a time as any to brush up on English, for starters and look into career possibilities could help the job search. I notice that the ages varied  at least in the cafeteria, a few young kids but a lot of old geezer types too. One guy looked about 90 with jet black freshly dyed hair and a pencil thin mustache.  He actually looked like a character out of a book, carrying a school back pack, remarkable. Medical training? Maybe I like to read medical books as a Hobby. I know it’s a  strange Hobby. Some people like novels I like non- fiction Economics and Medical call it a quirk. But maybe now might be a good time to consider some schooling. I’ll keep you posted. The year of facing my fears could be shaping up for a very fine 09 indeed.


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