Surviving Change


There seems to be a Time and a Season for all things including Winter. I appreciate the value of Life in general , warts and all, the highs and the lows the difficulties and the skate times. Yesterday was not one of my favorite days spending 3 hours at the dentists office. I can think of a whole lot of unpleasant things I’d rather do and unpleasant  places I’d rather be, but sometimes life  gives you opportunities to face your fears and change for better or for worse. Actually I feel mildly exhilarated kinda of like surviving a bungee jump. It’s funny I think my fear of the situation was a lot greater than the situation itself . I will ponder that for next time. Ah Life…. ain’t it grand. We seem to be plowing threw  some difficult days of late.  Some times change thrusts  it’s self upon you uninvited, unwelcoming  kicking and screaming, waiting till the last moment, and than a graceful surrender. I don’t think change is always  particularly easy or for that matter very comfortable . Finding myself in  a fair amount of change lately I realize it is not free  from whirling  intense emotions.  Regardless of the different  emotions, I seem to be  getting  to the other side so far  basically unscathed. So now what ? I shudder to think. Wait, now if I reflect for one moment of the changes my husband and I have been asked  to address I would say that change actually drum roll please …has been really positive. So the moral of this story is Fear not. For change may bring more gifts to you than your heart could ever imagine , for change is the cornerstone to making dreams real in an unreal world. So Fear Not . I like to hear that once more . FEAR NOT. Fear can at times at least my own fear at times can seem to get the best of me but to face my fear , is to have the opportunity to Live a life well worth living to be able to be my best self ,possibly .So on that note and that thought I would say I am not as afraid of the future and am not as afraid of addressing my fears .  Ive been to the dentist and survived and lived to blog another day imagine that.


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  1. Glad to see all went well! I was once told by a doctor I had that if you feel pain, that is a good thing. You have something to start with. It is the hidden illness that should be feared. But, if you have too much fear…I believe…you can bring on some stuff you don’t really need in your life! So, what I do when I start having the feeling that I am getting fearful of something, I say to myself…”You have nothing to fear but fear itself.” That always works for me! Stay well and happy!

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