Sign me up for the Adventures of Life


Some of my learning to step forth in new directions  lately , has not been without some queasiness and a little uneasiness. There have been times in my life that , I have boldly gone forward  , fearless,  sword in hand not knowing potential difficulties, rather seeing Life as as an Adventure some of my life’s excursions probably a bit naive, but I’m thankful for naivete.  I probably wouldn’t have moved where I did if I would have thought it through . But I’m glad I’m here and it has been an adventure for sure, including meeting the Love of my Life. Reflecting back on some successful going forths , some eventful Tally Ho’s , an occasional cliff dive , learning trust and Faith why not?. I am grateful for the adventures of life. I realize the cornucopia of life is not necessarily bad ,the mishaps the difficulties the false starts the misunderstandings the embarrassing unsuccessful tries. It’s Life , its gold, and it is grist for the mill.  These are the good old days right now! Some day we  will look back wistfully and  remember the good and the bad of it and possible long for it all back , each memory .  Right now the snow is falling gently outside I’ll call it mood snow, you have mood lighting this is mood snow, you can practically hear the movie music in the back ground swelling. I am eternally grateful for this time now, and  for the opportunities to live in the good old days, preparing for the understanding  that it is what it is . It is my unique life, learning to make peace with all the broken pieces as well as the parts that  fit perfectly together.


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  1. Making peace with the broken…and those that fit perfectly together. You should really think about a career in poetry or writing of some sort. You give words pictures.

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