10 More signs of being Laid off


I don’t mean to make lite of a difficult situation, or maybe making lite of a difficult situations is how I cope. Being UN Employed / Laid Off can be incredibly stressful and even traumatic. I think it was Carol Burnett who said “Comedy is tragedy plus time.” I find this to be true often in my own life.

10.    When someone in the house is going somewhere you say “Can I go along?”

9.    You’d rather go to the dentist than look for work.

8.    You see how many Doctor’s you can visit before your Health Insurance runs out.

7.    You have more time to work on your Website. If you don’t have a Website I can build you one.

6.    Your sitting in the same position on your couch just like that women from the Depression hurts everyone TV commercial.

5.    You like to make long list with numbers. This makes you happy.

4.    You start to think Work might be  over rated.

3.     You wonder if the loan ranger at the Bank will hook you up with a little cash.

2.    It’s amazing how low your bank accounts can go and still stay open.

1.    And the top  Sign.  You create a new exercise program. Each time you get up from the recliner you count that  as One Sit Up.

By Starla at Starlaschat@wordPress.com


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