What if something positive comes from being un employed?


A little positive note after my two top 10 lists on being UN Employed. It’s easy to focus on the difficulties and how being UN Employed effects a person in difficult and stressful ways.  But on a positive note, Deep breath, First, is the forced opportunity of change, now it’s hard to think of something positive coming out of a change that was not sought, but sometimes I, don’t opt for change unless it’s in my face and I have no choice.  Why? Because going about my life day after day in my comfort zone is what I know, and it’s  comfortable.   What I have realized lately is that I like my comfort zone I don’t or shall I say I haven’t in the recent past been to excited about venturing to much outside that circle.  But I realize for my  life to be fully effective and for me to be truly joyful and possible at peace is to venture out to explore different possibilities to get outside of my comfort zone. So here’s the  good news ,although life may suck right now and being unemployed or laid off or both is super super difficult it actually may be or could be a great spring board into something really fantastic. Instead of a case of ,the dreaded bad ,what ifs what if you or I had a case of the positive the what ifs? What if I got a better job than the one I had what if I had the opportunity to maybe go to school, or maybe a complete career change or ??? The what ifs in a good way. What if something great actually came about from this situation? What if you or I  Had AN OPPORTUNITY ?  What if an old forgotten dream had a chance to wake it’s sleepy head? What are your what ifs?  They are probably different than mine but maybe similar too. Silver lining? could be ,I think being unemployed can bring a  mixed  bag, with an array of feelings .While riding Mr. toads wild ride called Life don’t forget to eat good food, breath deep breaths, be gentle with yourself and the people around you, exercise when you can, and no… recliner sit ups don’t count, and most of all We will get threw this we will get work and money will flow again not sure when…till than what if …things actually turn out for the better?


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  1. ill start with yours. What if things turn out better? What if we are just meant to get paid for our thoughts? What if good things really do come for those who wait? What if we haven’t missed our opportunity, but patiently awaited the perfect time to explore it? What if we are way too hard on ourselves. What if the Rapture was today?

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