Don’t go to the bad place


Well, due to  the notorious economic down turn ,I have been trying to take care of what I could before our Health Insurance runs out. Ive  only had health insurance for a short time , and before that, I was  one of those wonderful people who  paid all medical  costs  out of pocket . What a huge drag that is, and so expensive, having good health insurance even for a blink  of an eye in time has been ,truly wonderful. But needless to say Ive spent a lot of time at the dentist the last couple of weeks and this morning  I went to get squished/ a mammogram. They were so efficient, I always appreciate efficiency. I’m one of those people who’s attention to detail is hyper sensitive even down to the lighting, music volume , doctors attitude and so on. I don’t know if that is type A or what . The nurse said they  call back 50% of people they squish so Don’t go to the bad place if they call you.  What? The  Bad place? How did she now I had a bad place ?  Everyone has a potential ” bad place” that they could to, and freak out obsess over ? Gee I wish I would of  heard  of that years ago. I’ll have to remember that line. And when I start to freak out, when I’m really  freaking out and it  isn’t quiet warranted . I’ll have to remind myself “Self? Don’t go to the bad place.” I have been thinking lately excessive worry could be wasted energy  also guilt fear huh long list  isn’t it .Maybe wasted time and energy useless wheel spinning. If it is needed worry can I guess be OK because it gets you into action and some time action is  needed. So I will do my best to not go to the “bad place” if they call  , to come back to get a second squish.(Gee now that I think about that it if they call to come back it might be hard to not go to the bad place. crap this little bab place progect could be harder than it looks . If your a guy reading  this sorry all the squish squish talk but you probably have mothers and other females in your life . And I’m sure men have potential  bad places in their heads  too ,that they visit from time to time.  One more  dentist visit left for a crown  and that’s it .skating wildly into the land of the uninsured unless Husbands training program works  out because of being  laid off. They may be willing to pay part of the health insurance. And maybe he may quilify for some schoolling. I’m so glad all this medical is almost out of the way. Now it’s back to working on my resume and pounding the pavement looking for work after the last couple of weeks, I’m actually looking forward to that, no needles squishing and so forth just the interview process.


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  1. Getting the right medical attention is very important! Glad to see you right on track! Happy job hunting. Have you ever used agencies to help you find a job? They are not suppose to charge you, they charge the company hiring you. Good hunting!

  2. Dear Doraz, This morning I posted a link to Elizabeth Kubler Ross on death and dieing. I was wanting to remember her 5 stages of Loss. Anyway going to her link and looking around She a had a lot of really funny papers, lists,jokes and quotes. I was laughing out loud so hard my chest was clearing and my stomach hurt. This made me think of you and that you might like her list of funny stuff.this is the link

  3. I know it’s a strange place to find funny quotes and jokes on a death and dying link . But if you scroll down on the link I sent above and hit the button under the poem Do not stand at my grave and weep. Hit the button Inspirational and Amusing Quotes. A few smiles to be found there.And yes I’ll keep on top of the medical stuff and will probably seek help at job services for some ideas about work.Thanks again.

  4. Good news I got a letter in the mail it said the squish test mammogram results were normal. That’s wonderful looks like I don’t have to be on guard about going to the bad place in my head. But I like the idea of having the option to remind myself in the future before going to the “bad place” in my head if it isn’t warranted to wait until further information. Huh learning from the mammogram lady .

  5. Starla, thank you for the heads up in that blog, I will check it out soon! I am so happy you had a good test! *(* I am glad you are getting new ways of coping with stuff that is hard to cope with! If only life were easy, huh?

  6. Starla, be sure to check out It is listed on my blogroll as Joke of the Day. You can also add that to your blogroll, if you please! Thanks ….Or, I have a rule there. You have to smile, at least once! Have fun! *(*

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