grieving the loss of a job


It dawned on me this morning  the idea of grieving a job loss . We grieve the loss of a lot of things in life . Elizabeth Kubler Ross did some work in the late 60’s ,it was about Death and Dieing ,she talked about the 5 stages of Loss a person goes through when a loved one dies. Shock , grief, Danial ,barging , Depression. and finally acceptance. I remember reading her book in the early 80’s and appreciated the concept of what she was talking about, it made an impression on me at the time.It turned out to be ground braking work that she wrote about. I think in a way losing a job or a carer is a kind of death of sorts not of course like the death of a loved one ,but I do think it brings up all kinds of feelings. And to attend to these feelings honestly ,I think is a good idea. I think as a society some times we get a little lost with the intense feelings of life ,feeling alone ,and sometimes abandoned trying to survive a divorce or the death of a loved one or now all the job losses.There is a fair or unfair amount of loss in life. Just some things , I’m thinking about this early am.I found a great link to Elisabth kubler Ross work lots or really great stuff to read. Yippee! click here for link to what are the 5 stages of loss/grief. Another good book that I like on  that subject of grieving the loss of a Love . It’s about surviving a romantic brake up .is “Surviving the loss of a Love by Harold Bloom.It’s a book written 20 or more years ago . But you could find it still on Amazon. “It’s a pretty quick read and I think he” gets” a lot of the feelings of loss. A relationship romantic not working out or lasting. I woke up yesterday, and for a moment was missing our old routine Husband wakes up at 4am lets the dog out feeds the 2 cats and makes coffee. It’s all scrambled up it’s 7 am right now husbands still asleep that’s fine we had a crazy long day yesterday. He did get up some time earlier to feed and attend to all the animals. My point is it’s an adjustment a new life of sorts. I can’t imagine people who have had the same job for say 20 years and than getting laid off. I worry about all the job losses and all the family’s effected by these mass lay offs. My underlining optimistic spirit believes maybe through all of these current changes that we will together emerge the better for it in the long run. So keep your chin up, even if it’s raining I guess just close you mouth and eyes and soon the sun will come out again . Sorry that was a pretty silly analogy oh well it’s Friday.


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  1. I personally do not feel as any less of a person without a job. yeah, there is the money issue, but that is not my point. A job does not and will never define me or who i am. It never will. The depression I experienced while unemployed was coincidental, and ultimately, enevitable. Job or no job I was not a happy camper. I just wanted a job i did not dread going to. more later about this

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