Jump in the Waters Fine.


Why wait? I have found myself from time to time jumping into things even tho I don’t know how to or have formal training in, although formal training is wonderful. I would say don’t let that stop you. I was given an art book called the Zen of Seeing  many years ago, basically it talked about Art and really taking the time to look at what you were drawing to really SEE what it is you would like to draw. Well I think that thought or idea helped me immensely I began scribbling and working on trying to see.  Just draw it doesn’t have to be perfect or award winning . Funny I would show people pieces of art work and often I would hear oh I wish I could do that or I don’t have an artistic bone in my body. Jump in the waters fine, I would say  start with abstracts ,I found  starting with abstracts fun it  was comfortable  for me doing something with the freedom of it  doesn’t have to look like anything  just color and fun. Practice practice just do.. The reason I’m talking about this is to remind myself anything is possible and just because you don’t know how to do something to not let that stop you. Unless it’s something like underwater welding or gallbladder surgry.  Right now I have a few paintings hanging in the local coffee shop for a few months.Honestly when she was hanging the paintings up I felt a bit queasy in the stomach. a bit shy,and  a bit like hiding , but that feelings passed and I can go in and  get a cup of coffee  now and the paintings  actually look OK and  blend in. Who am I to have an art showing? But  than again who am I not to. I believe, just because I don’t know how to do something doesn’t mean with a little effort and practice and some perseverance I can’t  learn, I can learn.  I still don’t really think of myself as an artist, and I don’t know if I will ever really feel comfortable showing my work outside of stacked up in a cardboard box in a closet, or hanging up on my own walls.  I think of myself as maybe a creative person that likes to have fun. However  that  doesn’t matter I think this is the third time Ive publicly shown my work. Being comfortable doesn’t necessarily  have to be a prerequisite for dong something or learning something new or just plain jumping in or  out of my comfort zone. Maybe being comfortable is over rated.


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  1. I admire those who are among those able to draw, paint, sculpt. it’s just not my thing… i’ll admire the work, and even appreciate it, but never indulge. I’ll write a song or something instead:)

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