Steelers Win!


Well,that’s my pick for the day. Twas the hours before the superbowl and all thru the house not a creature was sterring not even a computer mouse. Dash a way, dash a way dash, dash away all. Looking for lots of touch downs .I can’t wait for it all. I have my 3 d glasses, my bowls of chips , gathering my snacks.  Snack away Snack away Snack away all.  Waiting for the Big Game to start …… XLlll ……Super bowl Sunday . That last part doesn’t rhyme at all.  Wow 3 million pizza’s will be consumed and literally Tons of guacamole. Can you imagine a Ton of guacamole? Give me A bag a chips!  Well I hope everyone has fun if  your watching the Game, if not I hope you have fun what ever you decide to do , go out and make it a good day . Looks like  the sun will actually grace us with it appearance I may have to go cross country skiing before hand. WooHooo.


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