What a GAME!


So close, What a game!  My favorite play 92/Harrison running down the field, what a play. Longest run in superbowl history. No Superbowl game has ever gone into overtime.  Get me a tums . This game is too close. They stopped the clock …60 seconds left… #3 kicking slight breeze what will happen ??? Oh Please, so close, come on Steelers .. Steelers taking a time out.. oh hand me the tums. And how is the relaxing? 49 seconds left.. oh I can’t look.. now what? right through  his hands gosh ,he will have nightmares tonight. OK oh he caught it oh unbelievable incredible. Is it in? is it out ?slow motion both feet down , won by a toe? twinkle toes. waiting for the judge what will it be? over the moon. huh? waiting .. one more tums please both toes YES touch down STEELERS.! Great call ,now a little kick and it’s a win 27 to 23 nice game. 5 seconds left Starla’s live play by play . Cardinals  played a great game . I must make a mention Cardinals #ll  Larry Fitzgerald What a player, he’s like an ant eater, having an amazing ability to catch the uncatchable , he will be one to watch in the future.  Congratulations Steelers. I actually did the live play by play as I was watching the last few mintues of the game the time stamp is off it says Feb 2 but it was last night. I’m not sure how to fix it. After watching that game now I get why people are such big football fans. That was so much fun .


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