Infomercial Review


I started my morning off by writing about Time and  perfect timing.  I  found myself all tangled up in a giant mess of words. There seemed  to be no way out, so I bailed,  and opted for something  trivial like…Infomercials. Who watches them and why? OK, so Ive watched 4 in the last month. Usually on a Saturday because that’s when there on, And I am not usually up for the  late night infomercial.  Jack  O Lanes  juicer, I just  watched that one the other day from start to finish and I had already bought the juicer last year at  the  Shopko store. Why would I watch the infomercial ?  To feel good about my purchase ? To  find the secret to juicing? To learn how to not be lazy  and get the juicer out of the cupboard and  start juiceing ? Maybe. The second one  I watched was the Get out of Debt Book. Things they don’t want you to know about being in Debt .  Let see like being in Debt sucks? or Once your in Debt it’s hard to get out of Debt . I Like the title, and I like his passion, I like that he gets  so incensed his face  turns red, he’s  spitting mad. I like that. But, not enough to buy the book ,not even on EBay maybe that’s how I get out of debt? Don’t buy stuff from infomercials. That’s it !I should write a book on getting out of Debt. The last one was….. I can’t remember what you call it but it’s red air stopper’s and it’s an exercises program after watching the whole commercial I was frothing at the mouth telling my husband “We have to buy this it’s such a good deal “he watched  a few minutes of it and agreed” your right that is fantastic and we really should buy that “,but by the time it was over we agreed we really didn’t need it, and it would be probably one of those exercises things that would end up in a garage sale a few years down the road.  Now that I think about it ,I can’t believe we were so close to buying red plastic stompers. What was I thinking? There must be some powerful Ju Ju  going on in those infomercials .I think I might swear off watching them for awhile and find something better to do with my Saturdays, like Blogging.


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  1. Infomercials are amusing and entertaining for me! I can not believe how “fake” everyone is! If they claim to be real, they need to take up some acting classes, or something! Just watch them for the fun! Have a nice weekend!

  2. Thanks Doraz That’s a good idea I never really thought of them as being fake. I’ll have to try that next time I find my self watching one. Have a great weekend too!

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