More Infomercial Review


First thing this morning, I have my cup of coffee ,sit down, turn on the TV, flip on the Today Show. And what are they talking about? Infomercials, are you kidding me? Something in the air I guess. Although I swore off the Saturday infomercials, here I am talking about and  thinking about, what can I get in the mail? Looks like ABC and NBC both had consumer reports about exercises machines . They some how missed the Red Stompers that was the one I was close to buying and could use a report on. They showed a  shinny red  machine called the Rock N Go . for $230.00 this bad boy can be yours for a small price . This is the one Meredith liked most, but for all the wrong reasons,  if you go to the link you can see it The Today Show Link OR link to consumer report ABC Show video.
It reminded me of  the little horsey sitting outside of Walmart that kids ride. Not something I’m going to lust for. The quick fix it is not . We all know exercise is good for our health and the idea of finding the easy fix is always the search. I have 2 large  plastic balls behind the couch one we bought at the store and  one I got for Christmas. Hold on, I’ll  look and let see if there still there. Yep they’re there the purple one is flat and the clear ones sitting there looking so  sad, can a ball look sad oh ya Wilson from the Tom Hanks Movie. I thought I looked silly laying on the ball not knowing what do, rolling off the ball on to the floor with a thud. Not my thing. My Husband brought in a Tall block of wood, TV on like my own step class it was OK for awhile, wood doesn’t have much give or I got bored not sure which. Than there was the Richard Simmons video which I thought about getting for a couple of years and finally my husband got tired of me talking about it and bought me one. Unfortunately for him I talked him in to joining me I thought it would be fun, It was  Fun untill he threw his back out and we had to go to the chiropractor. He actually admitted to him how he threw his back out, which was funny to me cause the guys a body builder. He probably had a chuckle about that after we left the office. After talking about infomercial yesterday ,I did have some regrets this morning thinking about the debt book. I received a rather large bill in the mail and the line in the infomercial came to me. “I’ll tell you the two words you need to say to make the bill go away, or greatly reduced.” I’m thinking what could those two  words be ? Yes! I want this bill right here, to magically go away. The only thing I could come up with was Abra Kadabra, waving the bill in the air at the post office, nothing,  not even reduced I still have the bill. So although I resisted the urge to buy the book I’m still thinking about it.hmm What are your favorite infomercials? What have you bought that you Loved?  Should I reconsider the red Stompers and the Debt Book. I’m as confused as ever.Help.


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