Morning, The days just seem to fly by. Some days seem so long,and than other days seem like they’ve  happened a week ago. I don’t know whats going on maybe the time machine thingy is broke. All the schools are closed today due to freezing rain and icy roads. Mrs Piggy’s hawking a self help book on TV. A relationship advise book just in time for Valentines Day. The book is called The Diva Code. What could miss piggy write a book about? But than again what can I blog about on a Friday morning? Miss Piggy ? Dig a little deeper my friend, Maybe Miss piggy’s as deep as it’s gonna get, more coffee that’s always the answer no matter what the question ,Java. When was the last time you said to your self “That was so much Fun!” I said it to myself the other day when I went cross country skiing I went swooshing fast down a hill, made  me want for more. Tele mark skiing use to be one of my favorite winter activities. Made me think how could I have more days that end in “That was so much Fun.” Being a kid you have days like that, as a kid there’s more time in the day to have “Fun”. It’s so easy as an adult to get so wrapped up in work, and chores, worry, and life in general .  Getting caught in the busyness of life.I’m not sure what would be on my list of fun. I don’t even have a fun list. I tried to make a bucket list like the movie ,I came up with 2 things. It’s easier for me to make To Do lists than what I think is fun lists. I’m a very good trained Adult I guess or not, isn’t having fun part of the prerequisites for Life? I’ll ponder that thought today  as I tackle my TO DO lists. What would you consider at the end of a day, being a super fun day? Your last thought before your head hit the pillow, that was so much Fun!   Fun seems more like a kid word,to me.  Whispered quietly like on the game pass word. The word of the day is “Fun”.


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  1. Describing the way time is passing for me is next to impossible. Sometimes the days are short, nights long. Sometimes opposite. I feel like im in a fight with my own body as to when i sleep. either im wide awake when i should be tired, or i can’t wake up when ive had plenty of sleep. its been like that for my entire life.

  2. fun? right now my idea of fun would be exposing those who interfered with the way things should have been. sorry. its hard to explain.

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