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More on the word Fun. I found it interesting pondering the word Fun yesterday. I find it easier to ponder words like economy, unemployment, downturn,TO DO List. But Fun?What I came up with was that I realized that fun moments and super fun moments are interspersed moments in Life. Amids the moments of busyness, work, TO DO lists. Unless maybe your on an exotic  island vacation .But in day to day life. Also seeing family I haven’t seen for awhile would be fun. When I reached back into  my recent memory looking for fun moments I realized fun moments are individual, like what I think is a super fun moment might not be to someone else. So maybe fun and super fun is based on who we are and what we like as individuals?  It seems a little silly dissecting the word fun but like anything Fun and Super Fun is something I want to understand more of. Looking back ,moments of Super Fun for me were  the Super Bowl that was for me a  super fun  moment in time, bloging about the super bowl again super fun. Skiing the other day I hadn’t been skiing in a while super fun, the snow was light and fluffy and perfect the sun was out the weather warm. A very fun moment. Other super fun moments I realize had to do with photography and blogging. We drove to town the other day a very thick fog day, on the way home there was a small red out house I wanted to take a picture of it, there was a tree  above the out house that was coverd  with snow and ice. We pulled over into the driveway .Taking the picture was a super fun moment for me, for some one else it may have been boring or even a pain in the butt to stop in the fog and take a picture. If I can learn to post pictures I will post it tomarrow.  So I guess one thing I learned about super Fun moments was how individual fun is. Sorry if dissecting the word fun was boring or annoying to you it was kinda fun for me. Next week  I will be dissecting frogs and adverbs. adverbs? no nouns, participles. You can’t dissect a participle but you can dangle it. That’s something I’d like to learn more about, dangling participles. It must be nice being a parent in today’s world. A Kid comes up to the parent and says “Dad why is the sky Blue?” Dad says “Google it.” I just made that joke up. I wonder if that’s true? If your a parent do you tell your kid to google  it when you don’t know something . Just wondering? I’m still wondering why is the sky blue? I think i’ll google it.

Frozen fog on trees over red shed.

Frozen fog on trees over red shed.

Foggy Sunset

Foggy Sunset


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  1. I have fun when i listen to music. ihave fun when i watch an adam sandler movie. conan obrien makes me laugh. learning new things about myself. why people are the way they are, and why they react certain ways.

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