God grew tired of us.


New day, Sitting at the edge peeking in and wondering Now What ?The security of working ,is that  you know what Monday brings, it’s planned out wake up go to work,don’t be late! Funny balance I guess in anything too much work is not good and not enough work is also not good. I saw an interesting film last night. Net Flicks it’s called God grew tired of us. Did you see it? It’s a documentary about Sudan. It’s  one of those movies that takes you by surprise. To see and hear the Sudan people talk about the will to carry on was inspiring, there love of family,very moving . It was about a few men who had the opportunity to leave and come to the United States. To see their appreciation to have the opportunity to go to school and work in the United States putting a fresh prospective on being born and raised here for me. It was interesting to almost look through their eyes as almost everything they encountered was new, the plane ride, the arrival here ,living in an apartment and so forth. Definitely thought provoking. I always appreciate that when a movie or a song or a poem or a  book  can stop me in my tracks and make me think. Life inspired, Inspiration  at it’s best , creativity. It so nice to see creativity .I swing back and forth from deep concern for our future and our destiny to Hope and optimism and curious wonder. Nature helps me put things into perspective at times and helps me to see the bigger picture and How lucky we are. To see other peoples creativity . Time to begin a new TO DO List. For heavens sakes it’s Monday.


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