Now What?


I realize I have  a case of the now what’s? Now what’s can be  a part of the new up and  coming change. It’s kind of like the Bachelor show usually it seems when the bachelors down to 2 or 3 women. There usually is a session of hair pulling as the bachelor confesses he so confused, he doesn’t know what to do . It’s almost predictable, but some how he makes his choice. So maybe I’m like the bachelor saying I’m so confused , I don’t know what to do and hopefully right around the corner. It will all come together and I’ll make a good choice. What my life is not a reality show and it’s not a guarantee that it will come together in a nice tidy bow. Crap. Now What? back to the familiar Now What’s oh well I will make a monster TO DO list that’s usually how I handle the now whats. How do you handle the now whats? Ask for help nah couldn’t possibly. Well maybe. If you do watch the Bachlor show which you probably don’t if your reading  high brow material like moi’s blog ,but if you do how about Deana showing up next week? Melt down  city for sure, poor kid I think I have a bad case of the now whats ,try being in love with 3 women and having your EX show up  in the mix .Happy Valentines Day. Boy I don’t miss those days. If your single and alone on Valentines Day Let me be the first to wish you Happy Valentines Day! It use to be my least favorite holiday that and New Years people paired up kissing at Midnight yuck. The whole thing if your single the cutiesy  valentines cards, the chocolate, the red and pink hearts, all the mushy stuff on TV for weeks. There’s a time and a Season for all things including Love. If you are alone possibly  enjoy the season of Freedom Adventure Bungee Jumping into love in it’s time. I never thought I would fall in Love again after my last heart brake ,but low and behold 9 years of wedded bliss. So you never Know.


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