Contuining News Room Romance Saga.


Tuning into the nightly news ,first the national than our local. Waiting for the last part,when the young brunette news girl and the new young sports caster sit next to each other for  a  little polite news room chit chat before signing off for the night. Immediately I noticed, his warm smile a slight lean in to her. And her shoulder slightly tilted away from him. What? What’s going on she looks shut down, he’s  still sparking, she has pulled her love in close to herself. Something has happened , what? Why has she pulled away? She looks forlorn, like a lost hungry puppy. Her big brown eyes sad and quiet. Now normally the beginning stages of Love there’s the run away ,run together no it’s to scary run and hide game. I know I played a little of that before  succumbing to cupids arrow. But what has happen to our sweet young news room kids? Has he received a letter, a job offer to a bigger demographic? Or an office rumor circling, un true in nature only her ears where privy too?  Alone in  a small mountain town. Valentines day just around the corner what a disastrous ending to such a promising romance. After work , driving to her small apartment, she stops her car at a 7-ll type gas station to pick up a Stoffers tuna casserole , a microwavable box of comfort.  No energy to muster up to cook, not tonight. It will be a late night of TV. How ironic looking forward to watching  the bachelor on Monday night, it’s what she does on Monday’s. She also grabs a big box of ultra soft tissues. Getting back slowly  into her car for the short ride home.  Knowing it will be a long night if not many long nights from here on out until he fly’s away.

All characters appearing in this work are fictitious.Any resemblance to real persons,like our local news casters is purely coincidental.


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  1. No, maybe it is not true! Maybe you can say in you’re next entry…it was just a dream! Love is in the air! It’s Valentine.s Day soon! Oh, let it not be true!!!!!

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