Blogger’s Block.


A little case of   blogger’s block. Usually ,dancing around looking at other peoples blogs helps to stimulate thought. Not today . Just a slow tippy tap on the key board. Maybe because it’s Monday, being unemployed doesn’t stop me from having that feeling of, I must do… something it’s Monday. What? Oh yeah get work. refer to my top 10 list twice, back a few pages, Jan24 &25 old posts. Oh I get it ,old post that’s the past kid, look to the future. Recently I had the idea to go back to the familiar, a mildly successful career as a fine dining waitress. It’s money, at least it would be something. Well the one recurring nightmare that I have in my life I call the waitress nightmare. It’s usually the same dream a feeling of being completely overwhelmed. I just can’t seem to get to all the tables . I had this nightmare again ,just the other night. Maybe because I was thinking about jumping back into the wonderful world of fine dining. The strange thing we went out to dinner last night, and for some reason the place we picked ,there was one waitress and she was buried in tables just like my on going nightmare. It was strange seeing some one else living my recurring nightmare. I walked away thinking is that really my only option? To jump back into the past to what is familiar? Or ? Or what. Well lookie there. Ive switched it up from a case of Now What’s ?To a case of the or? Or> Or what? I don’t think that’s much different. sigh Well at least Ive moved through the blogger’s  block .I feel better ,thanks for listening. Any recurring nightmares you would like to talk about , your dream state or waking state? Real or un real. Oh yes I need to keep perspective,  This is the Gold of life the wonderful glorious opportunity to grow,  to shine, to over come , to be alive ,to experience the all, the frustrations, the agony,  the defeat as well as the sweet successes OK I feel a little bit better. It’s not personal it’s just Life.


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  1. Nightmares and I do not get along, so I try to keep them away! I keep dreaming I won the lottery and I was shopping and giving money away to everyone in my family and my friends! Oh, if only it were true!~~~~~~~~~

  2. My oldest recurring dream is about my mother. she is being held in a cave by 2 men, and cannot get out. there is no end to it. no beginning. Very disturbing. The other one is where i am a teeny tiny person and everything around me is very very large. I also was a waitress and bartender, and i have had countless dreams similar to yours… So many tables i cant keep up, so many orders i cant keep track. then theres the one where i am trying to hit my stepmother, but i cant complete the punch.. thats the worst. overall, i love dreaming and have wonderful dreams.

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