Making peace with past hurts.


Yesterday I felt like taking my toys and going home. Bloggers tantrum.Nobody like me. OK I have one friend actually two Doraz and Gary thank you both for that I sure appreciate that. As a kid I use to move from school to school never really time to fit in, I was on to the next school. Funny I have another blog and had 54 views huh blogging is funny once you think you have the stats figured out it changes. As I get older the thought of why, why carry around emotional baggage that’s so old, so hurtful and really has no function. A few old family baggage hurts.Why? Habit? Do some pains become a part of my persona? How sad. As I get older the desire to make peace with it all even the parts that hurt the worst. I realize what I make peace with becomes freedom. I feel. Less encumbered and as I get older the desire for freedom, joy, peace are strong. I think maybe it’s like going to the dentist, I was terrified of going to the dentist but recently going and having  some much needed  dental work was extremely difficult but in the end healthy, freeing and exhilarating. I thinking being willing to let go of past hurts and things that knot up the stomach, in the long run can be freeing and who knows maybe like the dentist exhilarating in the long run. Like Rocky running up the steps. I will ponder this thought.


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  1. Now you stop being so hard on yourself! You will do everything you want to do, because you are making the decision to do it! So, have the motto, “One day at a time.” That is all any of us have! Glad to be here! Have a fun week!

  2. It is so freeing to let it all go. We all hold on to stuff due to various reasons. You should listen/check out the lyrics to the song “Bag Lady” by Erykah Badu.

    • Hi Morocco,Thanks for stopping by! Also thank you for the suggestion ,I will definitely check the song out. I think as I get older I begin to realize enough’s ,enough on old past hurts, it’s time to let that go.

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