Who new?


One day at a time, good advice. Looking to far into the future ,easy to get squarely or for that matter too far into the past. Being in the moment with simple appreciation for what is. Weather it be easy or weather it be  difficult. Yesterday was a strange day, starting with frustration sagging stats on blog and delving into old family pain that’s always fun. A couple of days ago, I posted a you tube video,Finding my video on AOL was a surprise and exciting,  It was my first you tube video, with 51 views in one day .I asked my Husband if my film does well do you suppose that means I could  get an invite to PDIddy’s Oscar party Sunday? Just asking.  I was so excited, I realized that being familiar with failure, and projects fizzling is what I know. Having coping skill’s for things not going well, but what happens when things go well when a project is accepted? A little bit of success? I remember the young American idol I guess he was #2 last season the young man , what is his name? When someone asked how he handled success he said”When it’s going well don’t let it go to your head and when it’s bad don’t let it go to your heart.” I think that was  good advice. Balance. I am reminded that when  having a bad day things can turn on a dime. I’m looking forward to working on more you tube shuff ,it sure is fun. It’s nice to work on creative project’s, I sure enjoy that, it takes the edge off the other stuff. So may you have much good in your day as well as a balance of success as well as learning. May the dream’s  you have, that rest in your heart become awakened to the light of day.


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