Spring will eventually come.

Last year's spring flower at the Fair.

Last year's spring flower at the Fair.

White snow everywhere feeling in the mood for just a little color. Last year we went to the local fair taking pictures  of flowers and pictures of the animals the lamas and horses  were amazing. Just thought I’d share this flower with you today, a little hope for spring. It’s so amazing all the colors spring brings.  Maybe tomorrow I’ll post a couple of other flowers. Next Monday there will be a Word Press Potluck. If the first letter of your last name is from A to M Please bring a Hot dish and if your  last name begins with N to Z Please bring a salad ,pasta ,fruit salad , your choice or appetizer. Who ever is King or Queen of dessert’s can  make a dessert in exchange  of the  Hot dish or Salad.  If you hate to cook or are  Single and hate to cook or don’t feel like cooking just show up there will plenty of food ,or hey bring a bag of chip I don’t care just come by. There will be music and dancing so please wear comfortable shoes. The party will start early and end late. Looking forward to seeing you there. ;+). If you have any fun games please bring them. Also feel free to bring friends and family. See ya there!


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  1. Thanks Morocco!It’s funny how Winter seems so long here that I almost forget there is a Spring. Maybe that’s why I love the Seasons after Winter it’s so amazing what Spring brings. Maybe a little like life we have the Winters so that the wonder of Spring is that much more Grand. Hey, thanks for the song it was great! I could feel my heart healing a bit as I listened.

    Doraz, Hot Dish or Salad? I hope you can make it? I’ll try and remind you so you won’t forget. The other day I was looking at a seed catalog .I think it was a link off your site? Great pictures got me to thinking about spring and gardens and what not. I may have to buy some veggie seeds.

  2. Hi Sarah and Tim, Thanks for visiting! I love dahlia’s. I was missing spring flower colors. In Montana it’s a lot of White and Green for a long time. I love Winter but must admit I’m looking forward to Spring.

  3. I looooove that flower, it really brings a spring vibe to me…
    And I’d love to go to the potluck party if I lived nearby, it is going to be great!

  4. Thanks Noela! I Love that flower too, the colors are so vibrant it seems to say spring. Come on by to my blog on Monday to say Hi .I’ll post a couple of pot luck recipes and If I can figure out how to do a music post I will do that too. If you feel like you can post a recipe too or music or not lol Thanks for coming by Noela.

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