Blue Sky Day!


I’m not posting much today. Our dog is still sick, so we’ve been staying by her side trying to take good care of her. If she does not improve by this evening we will probably have to give her an IV. The vet taught us how to do that, ugh. any way. it’s a tough day ,I hate seeing her so sick.On the brighter side I’m still looking forward to the virtual bloggers party on Monday. It’s nice to have a little fun to look forward to. Hope you will stop by Trying to figure out how to decorate my blogg. Hmmm. anyway hope you have a great day, sun’s out it actually looks like a beautiful day. I Love blue sky days!

Still not feeling well.

Still not feeling well.


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  1. On Monday at my blog, anytime . Stop by. Ive done a very silly thing the other day when I was blogging I had the idea of a blogging pot luck . People could bring a recipe and a song link or a bag of chips. I think spring fever has completely kicked in here in Montana. Come on by Monday bring a recipe to post if you feel like it. I know it’s a silly idea my husbands been making fun of me. Your not having a real party why are you cleaning the house? A Bloggers Open house of sorts I guess I don’t know it’s what I do when I have too much time on my hands.

  2. Thanks Joy That would be great to “invite “people Everyone’s Welcome to stop by. I’m glad you like the new format my husband helped me put up the new banner. It’s a picture I took around here.We have been picking out a couple of pictures and recipes and a couple of songs for the blog party. How funny I don’t know if other people have blog parties seemed like a good idea for a Winter Monday . See Ya Monday!

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