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Good morning! Tonight’s Oscars night. It’s the tough choice P. Diddy’s party or Elton Johns? Maybe Piddy’s not having a party, Ive heard about Elton Johns Bash. Are you making Oscar snacks today? Gotta love a snack occasion!

Dog Update: Good news, I’m so thankful, she slept through the night after 3 night’s of not sleeping well. She was so sick. Last night she took a turn for the better. I’m full of good news Today. Our dogs feeling better. It’s another Blue sky day, It’s Oscar night what will  I wear? and  tomorrows Monday, the Bloggers Party!!! I sure hope you can make it even a pop in to say hi and graze the snack table. Black light dancing how could you resit that. Boy black lights, that’s a blast from the past my brother had a black light in his room with poster how did he sleep?

Building a blog is a bit like building a bear, with punctuation! For those Bloggers  who have extended education it is probably horrifying to read the blogs of those who have not. I barely remember my last English class and if I would have known ,I’d be blogging years down the road I would have not made the choice to sit by the window. I have thought more about grammar and punctuation  in the last couple of months than I have in my entire life time. Not really remembering  the rules of the writing road. Not knowing the proper use of the coma sprinkling them around hoping they stick in the right places. I know I’ve written a few run on sentences Where finding a period is like looking for Waldo. I hit the edit button , but not much editting seems to happen.  I do Love Spell Check! I like to read a couple of blogg’s from Old news paper guys I marvel at the grammar, and the punctuation is awe inspiring. I  like to read the sentences like a puppy rolls around in the grass on a spring day. I have a new fascination with dangling participles but found that I may leave that one alone ,as life needs a little bit of mystery.  Some things are better left un goggled.


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  1. Thank you so much for changing your theme!! I love this one. It’s mine. You take such beautiful photo’s. Did you know you can change the header on the top with photo’s of you own?? It’s super easy.

    I have my gown all ready for the Oscars tonight 😉 I do love this day and I love watching them. This year I’m really only familiar with two movies. I’ve only seen The Dark Knight and of course want Heath Ledger to win…just because. I didn’t see The Reader but I read it and it’s excellent. I’d like it to go to Winslet. I would also like to see Sean Penn win. I feel he is the most underrated actor in Hollywood. Best picture of the year, I can’t pick one. “Everyone” is saying Slumdog Millionaire but I haven’t a clue.

    About your punctuation, don’t worry. Go with the flow. In the end, it doesn’t really matter. The more you do this, the more you’ll learn. I knew NOTHING about all this stuff until I started my blog. I have my one year anniversary coming next month. You learn as you go. I love your blog and did when I read it a while ago but really had a hard time seeing it. If you need any pointers on how to change your header of adding widgets, let me know and I’d be more than happy to give my “expert” (HA…HA!!) opinion!!!

    Oh ya, YIPPEE-EE about your dog. That’s awesome.

  2. Thanks Joy! I am looking forward to the Oscars tonight . I’ve heard slumdog million may clean up on awards. I have a funny pick for best film and that is Milk. Now I have not seen the picture and don’t know why I think it will win. Maybe my spidey sense. Could be wrong slumdog millionair seems like such a shoe in. Thanks about the puncuation it’s one of those things that’s been driving me nuts, ah life. And yes we are so pleased that our presous pooch is feeling better. It’s so stressful trying to figure out how to take the best care of her. I may work on a new header today for the blogg. I think I can figure it out.;+). Scean Penn is my favorite actor I have seen him in a couple of movies that I actually forget that it’s him acting. To me that’s a good sign of an actor.

  3. Starla, I am sooo happy your little guy is better! Now you can enjoy tonight. Have lots of munchies and hope everyone wins who you favor! I personally do not think I will watch! Since I am involved in the industry, I get burned out! *)*

  4. Hi Doraz, Thanks for the well wishes,our sweetie dog is doing much better. It will be nice for all of us to catch up on some sleep. Hope what ever you do tonight is enjoyable. A reminder hope you can pop by tomorrow for my bloggers potluck.;+).

  5. There, is nothing, quite; like, reading. An, un-punctuated, sentence. Especially; if people, don’t, use;” a full-stop & it just, goes, on &, On, & on, & on, &, on……

  6. That’s actually how I use to always write with no punctuation, what so ever just one long run on sentence. I actually wrote a book that way. I need to pull that out of storage and figure out how to punctuate it. Thanks for coming by, I sure enjoyed visiting your blog.

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