Thank You Everyone!


Oh you guys are so much fun! PJ party at Joy’s blog I can’t wait! Just let me know when? Maybe you could tie it into your 1 year blogging anniversary, Joy? Thanks for all the great food and music! We were up at 4 am decorating the blog yesterday so I fizzled out. I’m so glad to see that there was a bonfire and music! Thank You All so much for making this Blogging Pot luck a Success. Just let me know who’s throwing the next party? What to bring and where it is at. I’ll be there with bells on or a Hula skirt. How about a crazy hat party or a blacklight party? There’s 4″ of confetti on the carpet I have no idea how I’m going to clean that up. Other than that it was an easy party clean up. ;+). Thanks Again Everyone your the Best!


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  1. Hey Starla! Sorry I missed the party the other day; work gets in the way of all the fun! Looks like you had a great turnout for your party and I think a PJ party is a GREAT idea!

    • Hey Sue, Thanks for coming by I understand how sometimes work does get in the way of party fun. Sounds like Joy may be having a PJ party We’ll have to double check to be sure. But I hope so I’m still in the party mood.

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