How long until Spring?

How long till Spring?

How long till Spring?


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  1. Lilies are my absolute favorite flower. I was out and about on errands yesterday and picked myself up a big bouquet of white ones. So, it’s spring in my kitchen. We have another good month at least to which at any given time, we could get a blizzard. We are supposed to get 6-8 inches of the white stuff tomorrow.

  2. Good Morning! BBQ, green grass and warm sunshine. That’s what I’m talkin about. Hey Gary that would be great lets exchange blogroll’s. And Doraz keeping me smiling thru the last part of Winter Thanks. Flower’s in the house is a really good idea. I think that could be just the thing to bring me a little Spring patience! That and a party to look forward to Yeah!!!

  3. Here in the Southern hemisphere it’s 7 months till spring. Autumn starts in about a week. I’m actually looking forward to winter we’ve had an unusually hot summer. I’m not a hot weather person.

  4. NOT soon enough. But hey it’s 32 degrees right now and the breeze through the small crack where I have opened my window feels great! And just as a small reminder that Mother Nature has all control she is hitting us with a bad snowstorm as Joy had mentioned! Just when you think you’re in the clear…never think that when living in Minnesota.

    The picture is beautiful and gives me hope!! 🙂 I have purple mountain lily bulbs to plant this spring and I’m itching to get my hands in some dirt!

  5. Hey Tony, I was looking forward to calling you “Old Fart” but looks like you go by Tony. Actually Fall and Winter are my favorite Season’s about this time of year after all the months of snow I start to think flower’s and BBQ”s but I’m with you and not favoring the Dog day’s of Summer.

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