Both Cats want Blog time.

Both Cats want Blog Time!

Both Cats want Blog Time!


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  1. Thanks! My sweetie boys, most of the time except when they are fighting. Finding black and white fur everywhere. I have people say having 2 boy cat’s is hard because they are territorial.

  2. Are they related, brothers? I assume they are b/c of their markings but you know that they say about when you assume!
    We have our first “man cat” my hubs calls him. I have to say I will always have a male cat now. I LOVE him SO much! He’s such a baby, he has had human touch from day one. I’m starting to get worried about his mother’s parenting though, he’s 6 months old and still nursing!!! That’s like the equivalent a 4 year old nursing!!

  3. I love cats. I also love the black and white coloring. I have two males and three females and they all get along fairly well. They are inside all winter though and at times play to rough. All my cats but one go outside when they want but they are to impressed when it’s -40!

    Adorable pics.

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