Couch Tipping


I can’t afford to have a personal trainer. So I’m thinking about asking a neighbor to come over and Tip up and spill us out of the couch. Hence couch tipping, not to be confused with cow tipping, which is a bit more rural. The short dancing segments when Ellen’s on TV, jumping up and dancing around doesn’t seem to be quiet enough, almost, but not quite. I Googled couch tipping, and found a couple of Youtube videos and some people being dumped out of a couch but not exactly how I had envision it, clutching a bag of chips and a remote. After writing this down I realized I was much to shy to ask a neighbor to do this and realized I had to rely on the old fashion way. I put on my red raincoat and asked my husband and dog if they would like to go for a little walk in the rain. How nice they were willing must be Love. The one nice thing about not really being in shape is that it doesn’t take much to get the endorphin benefits. Do you exercise if so what kind of exercise do you do?


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  1. LMAO…LOVE the couch tipping!!!

    I just recently started yoga again but find myself slacking already!!! I have an elliptical and I reeeeealy need to get back on it. Last winter I did 1 hour every other day for 3 months and lost 25 lbs. I cannot believe I have kept the weight off I’m certainly not in “good” shape. I was just reminded that when my husband and I were rearranging the furniture. He asked if I was a smoker….knowing I’m not. I was so out of breath. In the summer my son and I go on a bike ride almost every evening, that’s my favorite kind of exercise. I can’t wait for summer!!

    Good luck Starla!!!!! 🙂

  2. Hey Nikki and Gary, I notice when blogging that I miss spell the word exercise all the time I don’t even come close so I have to stab at it several times. The funny part is that I seem to use the word a lot. If I exercised as much as I misspell the word, I would really have a good routine going. (That was rough I had to google the word exercise, that’s it the word for the week for me to learn to spell is Exercise!

  3. Well, Starla…quite interesting…this couch thing! I shall pass on it ,thank you! I hit the gym at least 3 times a week, no excuses! I either go exercise or I take blood pressure meds and cholesterol meds! Exercising does help me! *)* Good Luck! I have found that if you have a routine, it helps!

  4. The last few weeks I’ve tried getting back on some kind of exercise track. I lost 50 pounds 10 years ago and have gained it all back. Not on “purpose” but kind of. LONG STORY!!!!! But I feel ill. I’m tired of feeling this way and haven’t told anyone but ya, I have started waling/running again and I bought Dance Revolution for the Wii. I was really sore last night which I think is a good thing. It was one of those painful soreness that actually felt good if you know what I mean!

    The couch tipping…..that is hilarious. We have done some pretty stupid things on couches. HAVEN’T WE NIKKI???? I’ll let you explain.

  5. That’s funny joy, stupid things on couches? You have me curious. Nikki what’s the story ? Joy good for you for jumping back in. I find that it’s so easy to get away from exercise.(funny I just spelled exercise wrong, yesterday I promised my self every time I miss spell the word exercise I will jump up and exercise. That was the first time, I stopped mid sentence and started to do jumping jacks. My husband joined me he’s such a trooper. We started to laugh we never do jumping jacks. I hope I learn to spell excercise soon. Oh no I spelled it wrong again, be right back…..oh that was rough. I’m I think being sore is a good thing I use a little tiger balm on sore muscles have you ever used that before?

  6. Hi Joy, Tiger Balm is 11% menthol and 11% camphor. Yes it has a strong smell. There is an orange one and a white one. The white one is the best and it say’s non staining on the label. It’s in a very small jar a large store like Walmart carries it. The smell may bug you it defenitly has a smell. I kind of like it. It feels really warm and for a sore back or sore shoulder it works wonders.

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