WOW Check out Chile Volcano.


WOW Check out Chilie Volcano.


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  1. Wow, when I heard about this, Starla…I was in awe. How can beauty in nature be so destructive, at times? I know it is all part of the “cycle” of life, but WOW! Thanks. This was very informative!

  2. Thanks Doraz! I was watching TV and there was a small blurb. I felt a little like a news To me it’s amazing to see a volcano erupt like you said destructive as well as beautiful strange combo.

  3. I really enjoyed this. My youngest son and his wife left for Hawaii this morning and they really hope to see one of these while they are there. Thanks.

  4. Hey Joy my Dad lives in Hawaii. I think volcano’s are amazing. below my blog roll I added a nature category link to earthquakes and volcano’s. On the Volcano link there is volcano cams. I hope your son has a good trip. How fun Hawaii sounds good right about now.

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