To Ski or Job hunt that is the Question?


Good morning, I opened the curtain this morning and Holy Cow it snowed a Ton last night. White, fluffy, super soft, perfect snow for skiing. I may have  to put off the job search, one more day. At this point the competition for job’s is tough. Around here the unemployment is very high. Ive been going back and forth as far as what to do. Even tossing around the idea of going to school. I must confess here and now that I have been having a long drawn out mid life crisis, so long in fact it has become part of my persona. It started back when I hit 25, I called it my quarter life crisis’s and basically, it has been the under tone of my life ,not knowing what to do for a career, so just doing a lot of odd jobs and than a few very odd jobs like taking thorns off of roses for the rose lady’s, delivering phone books, shoveling horse pucky that was only for a day, what a gross job that is but looks impressive on a resume Horse Stall Sanitarian, I  sold news paper subscription(that’s how met my husband but that’s whole different story.) The list is endless and then to make things worse I did an on line test to find out what career I would be suited for, filling out pages and pages of question’s .The big final Ta Da moment was #1 Astronaut and #2 Carpenter #3 heavy equipment operator. What! Are you kidding  me?  Astronaut that’s not what I want to hear, go to astronaut school, maybe it was that question when they said could you spend hours alone and be OK with it, ya that doesn’t bother me but astronaut ?That’s as good as you can give me. How is that helpful? And heavy equipment operator I am a bit ambidextrous and I did use to juggle, I don’t remember a juggling question, anyway, and last but not least carpenter. This one falls in line with odd strange jobs that I have already done and it was actually kind of cool. I had a friend in town who was going to build a garage I was again looking for work and he asked would I like to help build it. I think the fact I had no experience actually got me the job. He was the kind of Guy that didn’t like to talk much and he didn’t want someone questioning what he was doing. Any way long story short I took the job and it was actually super fun. We didn’t have nail guns so swinging a heavy hammer was exhilarating at first just trying to not miss the nail. But after a few weeks I became pretty good and the bang bang bang bang of building a garage ,that was cool. To this day I drive by the garage and marvel at our handy work it’s so hard for me to imagine it’s even possible to build something from the ground  up like a structure and have it still standing and not leaning. Anyway you can see my delima. There’s a gardening job I may call on today after I go skiing glad I have my priority right, shoot, anyway I would like to learn more about growing food. I use to tend a few flower gardens but I think growing food is a good thing to know especially in this Happy Economic Down Turn. The news yesterday was driving me nut’s it was as if they were reporting yes we are going to Hell in hand basket folks, even Donald Trump announcing oh it’s bad , it’s really really bad . For heavens sakes Stop It. We know it’s  bad, we are all concerned so just stop it. I’m going skiing I’ll see you guys tomorrow have a great day I’m sorry your not going with me, maybe I’ll take pictures. Oh and If I could have had any job in the world secretly I think it would have been nice to be a professional ice skater, that’s close to Astronaut and Heavy Equipment operator oh brother. If you could do it all over again what would your secret Fantasy job be?

Lots of snow in trees.

Lots of snow in trees.

Little red barn in snow.

Little red barn in snow.


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  1. Well, Starla…you had a lot to say today. huh? It sounds like you are off to a fun day at the slopes! You are, for sure, an outdoor person! You need to be out there! If I were you, I would stay with a career that allowed you to spend times outdoors! You need to have fun, no matter what job you decide on!

  2. Thanks Doraz , Ya I did have a lot to say this morning sorry about that. lol I didn’t know the short way around that story. It’s one of those long drawn out things. Hope you have a great day. I’m just about to turn off the computer eat breakfast and pack the car. Cross country skiing at the golf course looks like whats in order. The couch has been tipped! Woo Hoo!

  3. As a classically trained ballet dancer, I might have pursued a career as a dancer, instead of just teaching it. The world of dance consumes so much of your life! But I am content to still be connected to my passion by instructing others. This has allowed my to pursue a teaching career as well as have a family.

  4. I really like being a wedding photographer BUT if I have to choose a secret fantasy job, I would have to say a porn star. ROFLMAO! (I’M KIDDING)

    On a serious note, I’m sorry to hear you are having to search for work in the current state of the economy. Keep your chin up and something will come along for you, I can feel it. I’m glad to hear you decided to go skiing also, it sounds like you could use some fun about now.

    Have a great weekend Starla!

  5. Good Heavens, it’s breathtakingly gorgeous there. I love that little red barn with the mountains in the background. I’m at a little loss here trying to get over how much I love that.

    The economy is really hard now. My husband owns a family business and it’s been hit hard but lets not talk about that. I do agree with Luisa, you seem like an outdoor person. If that’s what You enjoy, that’s where I’d start.

    Um Gary, does your wife come here???? Kind of like your Hugh Hefner answer??? ROFLMAO!!

  6. Hi guys! I’m back, and boy that was a nice break. Skiing was fun and it was nice to know I can separate myself from the couch. Being unemployed it’s easy for the couch to become the camand center, watching too much tv blogging too much snacking too much well you get the drift. It felt good to get out and get a little exercise. Morocco, knowing how to dance must be wonderful. I thought Gary’s answer was funny and yes his wife is beautiful! Joy glad you liked the little red barn it’s one of my favorites, it is pretty here lots to point a camera at. And Doraz and Joy are right I am a bit of an outdoors person so maybe an outdoor job could be good. Have a great Week end all.

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