cross country skiing

 Putting on my skis.

Putting on my skis.

I wore my red raincoat, There are some steep hills at the golf course. I thought if I was going to be falling down maybe having my red raincoat on might be a good idea. I’m happy to report I did not fall down. My husband and I went with a friend and he’s been skiing a lot this winter. So when we arrived both guy’s pointed their ski’s towards the steepest hill. Crap, I was hoping for a little light swooshing. So being the trooper that I am, I was right behind them, it didn’t take long for it to be apparent I’m not in the best of shape (all that couch time) but I climbed the hill like a lama going up Mount Everest. An old trick I remembered, when your huffing and puffing and you don’t want to call uncle. You just stop, turn around and say “Wow look at that view, Isn’t that beautiful?” Which worked like a charm, but the huffing and puffing was a dead give away to why I was stopping to look at the view. Oh well at least I was out there and the couch tipping was a success.


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  1. “Wow look at that view, Isn’t that beautiful?” I LOVE IT!!!! That’s a really good thing to remember. LOL!! I’m so glad you had a good time. I’m going snow shoeing later today. It’s so gorgeous here with all the new snow and the sun is shinning bright. Have a great day today.

  2. Thanks Joy! Just remember to stop and look at the view from time to time. LOL. Have fun snow shoeing that sounds like fun. Are you taking a camera I would love to see what it looks like there.

  3. I will have to remember that! My boys and I like to go hiking in the spring and summer and this little trick will come in handy. I just can’t keep up with them like I used to but don’t want them to know that. They would call me “old” the rest of the day. ROFL!!!

    Thanks for the tip and have a GREAT weekend!!

  4. Glad I can help Gary. Just make sure when you stop to look at the view or even a bug on a flower make sure your not huffing and puffing too much. Then it’s a dead give away. The guys just looked at me and smiled ya view. LOL Have a great weekend with your wonderful family Gary.

  5. Starlam a lot of people take their ability to ski for granted. Hopefully, you do not! I have NEVER even tried skiing before! It looks like a sport I would like, though. I love to take in the beauty of the surroundings, no matter what I am doing. My vision is something else I do not take for granted! Have fun the rest of the weekend! Thanks for the pics! *)*

  6. Thanks Doraz! I would Love to take you skiing. I thing we would have so much fun. And actually cross country skiing I think is easier than down hill skiing. The fun part is it’s like hiking a little bit. When you learn you learn on flat ground. Hope you have a great weekend Doraz!

  7. Starla, Sue took my camera to Hawaii. She left me hers but I didn’t bring it with me today. I have to go down to her house to get the cord for the computer and I keep forgetting. I’ll get some pics for you soon.

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