Good News


Good news, it’s nice ,that in this economic down turn that there can even be good news. I guess life has a way of balancing out the bad news. So here is a little of our good news. The other day when I said to ski or look for work and then I decided to ski. Well, I did say I would make a call after skiing looking for work. Well, that call paned out , resulting in a  job, it won’t start till early April, but it is work and work is good. I will be working for one of the best organic gardeners in the area. So that is very cool, because for the last couple of years Ive had an interest in learning about organic gardening. So I will be learning and getting paid for it, that’s a good thing. I will have to put off studying for the Astronaut program for  sometime down the road. And Husbands good news, he will be going back to school. He will be working on getting his teaching certificate. A program was set up through the job that he was laid off from.They are helping to get the people they laid off, back into the job market. So that is also a good thing. I think he will be a wonderful Teacher.

Depth of Snow in Our Front Yard.

Depth of Snow in Our Front Yard.


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  1. Thanks Sarah & Tim! I’m really excited .I will definitely post some things that I learn. He is a wonderful gardener it’s exciting the idea of being part of growing food for our small valley. He sell’s at the farmers market. Thanks for popping in ;+). Hey, I don’t know if you go to joys blog but her son and daughter in law are in Hawaii right now fabulous pictures. Joy is on my blog roll my favorite picture is the Hula girl with the dark storm clouds in the background. I feel like I had a little trip to Hawaii.

  2. Well, isn’t that awesome news? Just what you were looking for. I’m so happy for you and that’s also great about your husband. Good news all around.

  3. Congrats to the both of you! This is going to be a new adventure in your lives now! Only positive things for the future,right? I think your new job, Starla will be perfect for you. It is going to be outdoors and indoors. The best of both worlds! Just think of all the new things you will be learning. Keep us posted once you start! Your husband will have a very rewarding future, as well! *)*

  4. CONGRATS Starla! That’s GREAT news!!

    Getting paid to do something you really love is the best job anyone can have. I knew something was going to happen for you soon!!!

    CONGRATS to your husband also!!! 🙂

  5. Thanks Morocco, actually if you scrolled back a month or two I was doing a fair amount of I’m not sure what you would call it ?Sharing lol the economic down turn has been stressful for us that’s for sure. Were just now seeing potential light at the end of the tunnel. I’m just hoping it’s not a train. ;+\ .

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