Picture taken out of our front door.

Flower in snow just add sun.

Flower in snow just add sun.

Out our front door.

Out our front door.


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  1. Okay, is that flower real? How can that be??? It’s just beautiful. Like a smile for a cold winter day. You have a terrific eye for beauty.

  2. Wow, that is your view from your front door? That’s AWESOME! I wish I had a view like that. All I see is the house across the street and their dog dumping in the yard.

    Do you live in a log cabin in the Rockies or something???

  3. We live in the Montana Rocky Mountains. Glad you guys liked the flower. I thought I’d jazz up the yard a bit 25″ of snow in the yard. The flower looks real but it’s fake I brought it out from the house. I thought it might like a little sunshine. Fake flowers need love too. I’m glad to share pictures with you all. It’s fun. Oh and Gary I have lived in all kinds of places and have had a few few places in town too and when I opened my front door I too could see the neibors dog dumping in the yard. That was funny ;+).

  4. Wow, that’s awesome Starla! I REALLY envy you! I spent a week in Great Falls working about ten years ago. BEAUTIFUL part of the country.

  5. Some part of me knew that flower wasn’t real but my granddaughter just learned something new in 4-H last night called “Seed Sowing” and I just thought…they planted seeds in a gallon milk jug, covered it with soil and stuck it in the snow. It’s supposed to start growing next month.

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