PJ Party

New PJ's for Joy and Nikki's PJ party.

New PJ's for Joy and Nikki's PJ party.

Googly Ball

Googly Ball

Splash of color.

Splash of color.

Another Googly Ball

Another Googly Ball

Youtube Video of Magic Googly Ball changing colors.

OK, so I’m probably going to get in trouble posting this cause I have no idea when Joy and Nikki will be having their Pajama Party. But I was out shopping the other day for new pj’s why because I need some new pj’s. No I don’t sleep in the buff. Anyway we went shopping and I found a sale a 90%  off sale rack. So I bought 2 pairs $3.00 each. What a good shopper. Last time I bought something off a 90% off rack was a pair of wild running pants no one in their right mind would wear,  bright neon orange yellow with black lighting bolts. Actually scroll up and look at the colors of the googly ball’s . I thought they were great, so I  could  go running  and  I wouldn’t get hit by I car.  I stood out like a sore thumb. Have you ever bought something off a 90% off rack? And how ugly was it.


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  1. I’m happy your getting ready for the party. I have to look and see when I started this blog so we can start planning. Cute pj’s by the way. I LOVE THE COLORS of the googly balls. Are you bringing them to the party?

  2. I’m glad I’m not in trouble Joy. I guess I just get excited about blogging party’s!!! And a PJ Party sounds fun. They were selling the googly balls at Shopko. I almost bought one but with the darn down turn I talked myself out of it but I took a couple of pictures. I don’t know if your allowed to do that. But I bet for my Birthday maybe I might get a googly ball, if I do I will bring it and we can toss it around.

  3. Hey just a mom, What a good mom, not embarrassing your kids! Boy if I had kids, I’m sure I would embarrass them. I know I embarrass my husband sometimes when we are out. I think he embarrasses easy.

  4. Starla, go back and buy that googly ball! They are a lot of fun! I love to throw them at people! hahahahaha I wakes them up!Besides, look at all the money you saved on your P.J’s!!!

  5. Good Point! Thanks Doraz . We are going into town today, we may have to swing in and check them out again. Ive never seen them except for the first time yesterday. Looks like fun. And you can throw them at people Hmmmm, could be fun.;+).

  6. I am QUEEN of clearance shopping!!! Ugly??? Maybe to someone else but if I bought it then I’m pretty sure I liked it…oh wait, there was this one shirt that had only one sleeve. I looked like hooker and threw it away! Not sure what I was thinking with that one! I’m excited for our PJ party!!! I must go find some new ones!!! Any reason to buy more jammies!! 🙂

  7. Hurray! Jammie party! This Winter’s got me stir crazy ,wanting to party all the time. The running pants I mentioned even tho they were really bright I still liked wearing them. Some times crazy’s a little good.’But not like, looking like a hooker crazy. LOL . I like that a shirt with one sleeve.

  8. NO..it was skin tight and one bell bottom sleeve…NOT good. Plus it was glittery, not sure what I was thinking. Lapse in judgment!! Maybe if I lived in Hollywood or NYC but not HERE!!! 🙂

  9. Nikki, Every girl wants to wear a little Hollywood now and than. I recently resisted the urge, to buy a pair of gold animal print pants. I held them up and said oooooo. I then quickly came to my senses and realized they would probably scream couger, yikes. oh well. Montana’s the same, pretty causal here.

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