Waiting for company.

On the way to the Post Office.

On the way to the Post Office.

Waiting for company.

Waiting for company.

Junk food break.

Junk food break.

Buddy Beds

Buddy Beds

Waiting for company, my blogger friend javajunkee, has put together a fun blogging trip. Little buddy’s (little stuffed animals) are going to travel to fellow blogger’s house’s. They will get their picture taken on their visit and off to the next destination. We are excited to see who shows up and we will be posting pictures of Montana Adventures. These are pictures of our little buddy’s waiting for company. They should be arriving some time within a week. Check out at javajunkee’s blog.


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  1. They look so cute. I’m sending mine off tomorrow morning. Nikki gets mine first. That was kind of funny. He won’t even have to go in the mail for the first visit. My granddaughter helped me get him ready last night. His name is Philip and he’s a pink flamingo. He’s borrowing Ken’s cowboy hat. I hope you have fun with him and keep him warm.

  2. Looking forward to meeting Philip, We promise to take good care of him and we will keep him warm. And as you can see he will have company so he won’t be bored. We will take him on a good trip I already have an idea of an Adventure for him. This is silly, but sure is fun. Looking forward to getting mail.

  3. I don’t get this? What do you want me to do, exactly? I remember we did something similiar to this with the grade kids. They would take home a stuffed animal we had, and they had to talk about what the stuffed animal did with them at their house. So ??????? Plz explain?

  4. Doraz ,It’s something that javajunkee blogger came up with. To be honest I’m still figuring out the details. If you go to her sight you can read more about it. I think maybe the window to send a buddy is closed, but I’m not sure. I will be receiving stuffed animals from her list and entertaining them in Montana taking picture of them being a tourist, here and than posting pictures on my Blog. I hope that makes since.

  5. Hi Starlaschat! My name is Anne, a.k.a. JavaQueen14 – I’m also participating and am looking forward to meeting your crew. I have many adventures awaiting them 🙂

  6. Hey JavaQueen, It’s nice to meet you! Looking forward to seeing the Adventures and travels of everyone’s buddies. Should be fun seeing what Adventures come about. Thanks for coming by.

  7. LOL starla..you did a great job at explaining it :)..I did close it for this time but depending on how this all works out we may do it again!

    I can’t wait to see pictures of buddies and visitors having “adventures” and my buddy bongo is especially looking forward to meeting you in Montana!!!

    thanks for hosting and it looks like our buddies have quite the welcoming committee there.

  8. Thanks Javajunkee! We are looking forward to having Adventures with the buddies. Lots of company for sure for bongo! We’ll see what unfolds, stay tuned to Adventures with Bongo and Friends! Thanks for having the idea and putting everything together. Hope everything goes smoothly.

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