Cat Alarm.


My Husband went on a little road trip yesterday , he took the lap top. I feel a little out of sorts on the big boy computer. I think I’m going to wait, to make a post until he gets back tonight . I asked him to snap a couple of shots on his trip. I thought you guys might like to see what it looks like on that side of the state. I slept in this morning, the damn cats and dog woke me up at 4am .  They don’t understand the Not working, and getting laid off from your job thing. My husband use to wake up at 4am to go to work, the alarm would go off, he would get up feed the cats, feed the dog, make coffee and get ready to go to work. Now being that he’s laid off, the cats still want to be fed at 4am, go figure. So this am at 4 they try and wake me up, not going well ,so Alex the cat resorts to  going over to the sleeping dog and gets as close as he can  to the dog. The dog does a low growl, she does not like it when the cat is in her personal space. So she growls ,I yell, Alex STOP go to bed. It’s like hitting the snooze button it buys me 10 more minutes, then again, growl, Alex STOP go to bed. We played this game until 5:18 I finally gave up, got up, fed the cats ,fed the dog didn’t make coffee went back to bed. The phone rings it’s 8 am I’m still asleep, it’s an important call, why? why did I answer the phone? I try and rip myself from the dream world the conversation goes u huh, u  huh ,u huh, OK, OK, u huh, bye bye. excruciating. I surrender to the day, I get up make coffee, turn on the big boy computer and her I am second cup of coffee feeling a little more awake.

The other day I’m sitting down at the computer I wrote a post, hit the spell check button ,nothing happens, I say to my Husband “The spell check, it must be broken can you come over here and fix it?.” He looks at and says “It’s not broken, looks like you didn’t spell anything wrong.” Huh, that’s a first I could have sworn the thingy was broken. Miracle of Miracle. Looks like any anythings possible now.


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  1. Gary, After I went around and danced around looking at all the blogs I’m so cheered up. I feel a little bad about complaining. Just one of those mornings that gets off to a rough start. But looking at my friends bloggs has been so nice and so funny! Thanks guys for being so funny.

  2. Oh man, I’d be mad if I got woken up like that and I have 5 cats and 2 dogs!!! I think they know mornings aren’t my thing AT ALL!!! LMAO!!!

  3. Starla, your blog is Funny and interesting, with lots of visual treats! I love that glimpse of the red raincoat in the pretty red, white, and blue skiing day shot. Now I’ve go something new and delicious to read!

  4. Starla, you have got your hands fun, huh? It seems like you have come a long way in the blogging world since we first met! That is great! I am happy you are having fun!!! Stay happy and healthy!

  5. Stay Happy and healthy? Your not leaving me Doraz are you? Strange I remember it was just yesterday when I was writing Torid Romance News you were so polite to read, my only commenter, reader LOL. I thank you for that. I need to do a news Update sometime ;+). I’m a big fan of Happy and healthy. Hey sorry I commented on your About me page, oops, after I commented I thought shoot, Maybe I wasn’t suppose to comet there? Just call me chatty Starla lol.

  6. Well you just described my house in the mornings and what I KNOW it would be like if Jason didn’t do his morning rituals with the cats. Just th cats though, dog is too smart or maybe not smart enough, she just sleeps through it all. The cats on the other hand will meow loudly if he over sleeps and the second he opens our door their they are. The proceed to meow until…are you ready for this…has nothing to do with food. He has to pick them up and love them or they freak out! He has to carry them around the house as he’s getting ready!! Talk about spoiled!
    Hey GREAT job on the spelling!!!! 🙂 You are so funny!

  7. Nikki, Awww Cats sure are Love junkies, cuddle and lap time are a big part of their day. They sure do get into a routine, I still don’t know what we will do to convince them to sleep in. There both napping now I should go over and wake them up. Hey wake up you guys! Ya, they have a cushy life. oh well it’s nice you have kitty cats too.;+). Hows it going with the company? Are they behaving?

  8. It’s going great! Philip is watching Garfield right now. He’s having fish for dinner..more to his liking than the chicken!! LMAO! Birds shouldn’t be eating a birds but I didn’t tell him what he was eating!! I anxious to see how is visiting next!! You don’t have any visitors yet right???

  9. Hey Nikki, Garfield awww cute. Fish much better than chicken! I wonder if that freaked him out LMAO! No visitor yet. I think I might be getting the Super Pickle to visit. I will check the post office tomorrow, funny I’m excited about having a pickle coming to visit I have a special little bed and blanket for him.;+). I look forward to seeing more pictures. The Wonderful Adventures of Philip.

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